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Melaleuca, Inc.

Review Date: 12-18-2000*

In Business Since: 1985

Financial Strength: Very strong. Appeared in Inc. 500 list 5 years in a row as among America's fastest growing privately held companies.

Management: Excellent management team with 15 year track record of success with Melaleuca. Having watched Melaleuca's growth since the early 1990's, I've witnessed Melaleuca President and CEO Frank Vandersloot announce product developments and business opportunity enhancements that have transformed Melaleuca into the company that it is today. Mr. Vandersloot implemented the first monthly autoship and backup order system in the industry, creating the highest reorder rate in network marketing.

Management Rating: 5 Stars

Online Training & Support: Good online support through the corporate website, which includes detailed product information, online ordering, announcements, and more. One thing Melaleuca is lacking is an automated online enrollment system. However, according to reliable sources, online enrollment is expected to be in place within 45 days, barring any unforseen delays. When this happens, I predict explosive growth as "viral marketing" takes place through the automation and ease of enrollment that is lacking right now.

Field Training & Support: Excellent training and support via corporate training events and publications. Outstanding customer and distributor support is also available by telephone with very knowledgable telephone representatives.

Motivational Support: Excellent. Motivational support is available with incentives, awards, contests, recognition, and inspiration via corporate sponsored events, publications, and online.

Overall Training & Support Rating: 4.75 Stars

Products/Services: Nutrition, Skincare, Haircare, Homecare, Petcare, Telecommunications, Internet Service, and more. Melaleuca is one of the most diversified companies in the industry. I've used many of Melaleuca's products, and these products are, in one word, "addicting". I fell in love with the feel and aroma of many of their personal care and homecare products, and it is what I believe keeps customers coming back for more month after month. People literally fall in love with these products. Among the best in the industry.

Product Quality/Effectiveness Rating: 5 Stars

Product Market Rating: 5 Stars

Business Opportunity Market Rating: 5 Stars

Compensation Plan: 7 Level, open-ended matrix is very powerful. Many networkers may see the comp plan as inferior to some of the others out there, like the 3 level compressed payplans, but I believe that is very fair and combined with a very diversified, high quality product line with great value, low monthly purchase requirements, and high reorder rate, Melaleuca's business opportunity is among the most lucrative in the industry.

Compensation Plan Rating: 4.5 Stars

Overall Rating: 4.875 Stars

Advantages: 15 Year track record of success, strong financially, excellent management, diverse high quality, high value products low purchase requirements

Disadvantages: Many will see the fact that it's 15 years old as a disadvantage because it is no longer a groundfloor opportunity. However, with online enrollment to be announced soon, it is actually an internet prelaunch opportunity without the risk. The matrix compensation plan can also be seen as very limiting, however, I believe that it is partly what makes Melaleuca unique in the industry.

Comments: If you're looking for a solid opportunity with a strong track record of success, then I highly recommend Melaleuca. Those who get in and get positioned with at least a small group prior to the launch of their online enrollment system will see explosive growth in their organization when online enrollment is finally announced.

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